Oxford World's Classics: Crime and Punishment



ISBN: 9780198709718

  • A major new translation of Dostoyevsky's enduring classic by Nicolas Pasternak Slater, with editorial material by the UK's leading Dostoevsky expert, Dr Sarah J. Young
  • Gives a brief biographical sketch of Dostoevsky, focusing on aspects of his life most pertinent to the writing of Crime and Punishment--his experience of prison and the criminals he met there, and his money troubles in the 1860s when he was working on the novel
  • Provides an assessment of critical trends and approaches to the novel, detailing the literary and historical context, with emphasis on the Petersburg setting as a literary theme and a contemporary social context
  • Notes elucidate potentially obscure references in the text, and also connect the novel to the wider context of Dostoevsky's writing and 19th-century Russian culture, citing other classics of Russian literature and accessible secondary works

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