Oxford World's Classics: This Side of Paradise



ISBN: 9780198848110

  • 2020 marks the centenary of the publication of F. Scott's Fitzgerald's first novel
  • This Side of Paradise establishes the first fictional terrains for Fitzgerald's investigations of American individualism, sexuality, the emerging rebellion of teen years, and the questioning of perceived routines of American innocence
  • Positions This Side of Paradise in relation to Fitzgerald's live interest in cinema and media developments of his time, his flirtation with socialism in the closing sections of the novel, and his development of Amory through childhood to young adulthood
  • Fitzgerald's importance as the definer of his times, whether as the chronicler of the Jazz Age or the finest writer of the American Depression, continues into the twenty-first century, and his enduring popularity across all reading constituencies remains the case almost eight decades after his death

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