New Senior Secondary Physics at Work (Second Edition) Basic Exercise Book with Solutions

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The Basic Exercise Book aims at consolidating basic knowledge in physics. It is written as a supplement to the Student’s Book of NEW SENIOR SECONDARY PHYSICS AT WORK (Second Edition). Since this book is designed for flexible learning, it can also be used with other physics textbooks, and for both Physics and Combine Science (Physics) curricula.

The series contains 6 volumes:

  • Book 1: Heat and Gases (ISBN: 9780199442348)
  • Book 2: Force and Motion (ISBN: 9780199442362)
  • Books 3A and 3B: Wave Motion (Book 3A ISBN: 9780199442386; Book 3B ISBN: 9780199442409)                                                                 
  • Book 4: Electricity and Magnetism (ISBN: 9780199442423)
  • Book 5: Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy (ISBN: 9780199442447)

Special features

  • The chapters are arranged in portable and easy-to-use separate booklets.
  • Guidelines, tips and problem-solving skills are provided in Helper to foster student’s ability to tackle problems.
  • Questions are graded as easy or normal difficulty.
  • Cross-references are provided for easy reference to the relevant parts in the Student’s Book.
  • Suggested solutions with marking schemes are provided in a separate solution booklet.

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