【Shopping Process】 

  1. Q:How long do selected products stay in the shopping cart?  
    A:Products will stay in the shopping cart as long as customers do not delete them, purchase them or visit the online store in incognito mode.  
  2. Q:What payment method does OUP Online Store accept?
    A:It accepts VISA and MasterCard only. 


  1. Q:Is there any confirmation notice once I have placed an order? 
    A:After having placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation at the email address provided in the checkout process.  

  2. Q:Can I cancel or edit my order after it has been placed? 
    A:OUP will accept return and refund only for items damaged on delivery or an incorrect order. If there is the case, please contact our Customer Service team at 2516-3126 or shop-cs.hk@oup.com.  


  1. Q:Is free delivery available? 
    A:Customers can enjoy free delivery for net purchase of HK$600 or above. For net purchase under HK$600, OUP will deliver the products to customer provided address via a third party logistic provider, SF Express. The delivery fee shall be settled by customers upon collecting the products.

  2. Q:How much is the delivery charge? 
    A:Delivery charge will be in accordance with SF Express’s regulations (http://www.sf-express.com) at the time of receipt. The charge should be at the minimum of $30 and will not reflect in the order confirmation or receipt from OUP Online Store. 

  3. Q:Where can I choose to deliver my order to? 
    A:OUP can arrangement door-to-door delivery service to local industrial, commercial or residential addresses. You can also choose to pick up at SF Store or EF Locker, please fill in the field ‘Address 1’ in the checkout page with the related code. (Click here to look for the SF Store code; click here to look for the EF Locker code)   

  4. Q:How do I know the weight of the product? 
    A:A product’s net weight has been included in its description as a reference. Please note that the actual parcel weight may vary with the packing materials.  

  5. Q:Can I change the delivery date, time or address? 
    A:Once the delivery is arranged for you, OUP will send you an email with the SF tracking number. If you need to make any change, please contact with SF Express directly. (Contact method: https://www.sf-express.com/hk/en/contact_us/)  

    If you have not received any SF tracking number from OUP, it indicates no delivery has been arranged. In this case, please contact us at 2516-3126 or shop-cs.hk@oup.com to change the delivery details.   

  6. Q:How long does delivery take? 
    A:OUP will arrange delivery of the ordered items to SF Express in 5-7 working days after your order has been confirmed. Then, the delivery process to your given address will take another 2-3 working days. 

  7. Q:Can I pick up the products by myself? 
    A:Since the delivery service is taken care by SF Express, all products will be directly delivered from SF’s warehouse to your given address. Therefore, all purchases from OUP Online Store cannot be collected at any OUP offices. 

  8. QCan the order from OUP Online Store be delivered outside Hong Kong? 
    AOUP currently offers the delivery service to places in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region only.