Physics at Work for HKDSE Basic Exercise Book with Solutions

Book: 1
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9789888838738Book 1 : Heat and Gases
9789888838806Book 2 : Force and Motion
9789888838752Book 3A : Wave Motion

The BASIC EXERCISE BOOK aims at consolidating basic knowledge in physics. It is a supplement to the Student’s Book of PHYSICS AT WORK FOR HKDSE. It can also be used with other physics textbooks.

The series contains 6 volumes:

Special features

The chapters are arranged in portable and easy-to-use separate booklets.

Guidelines, tips and problem-solving skills are provided in Helper to foster Students’ ability to tackle problems.

Questions are graded as easy or normal difficulty ().

Cross-references are provided for easy reference to the relevant parts in the Student’s Book.

Suggested solutions with marking schemes are provided in a separated solutions booklet.

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