Oxford English Practice Series - Exam Conquerors

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Exam Conquerors is a 12-book exam series designed according to the latest English Language Curriculum Guide for Primary 1–6 in Hong Kong. It aims to familiarize students with school and public exam formats and question types, strengthen their test-taking skills and develop high proficiency in English so that they can make a significant breakthrough and achieve excellent results.

  • 20 units cover four key aspects—grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening, providing various question types for students to familiarize themselves with school and public exam formats
  • More than 400 questions in each book are compiled based on elite school tests and exams, as well as public exams
  • 1 Mid-term test and 1 Term-end exam, covering grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing, aim to consolidate students’ knowledge and assess their progression
  • Challenging questions reinforce students’ higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Answer key with detailed Chinese explanations, extended vocabulary banks and revision notes with diagrams facilitates self-revision


9789888811397 Exam Conquerors 1A

9789888811403 Exam Conquerors 1B

9789888811410 Exam Conquerors 2A

9789888811427 Exam Conquerors 2B

9789888811434 Exam Conquerors 3A

9789888811441 Exam Conquerors 3B

9789888811458 Exam Conquerors 4A

9789888811465 Exam Conquerors 4B

9789888811472 Exam Conquerors 5A

9789888811489 Exam Conquerors 5B

9789888811496 Exam Conquerors 6A

9789888811502 Exam Conquerors 6B

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