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Specially designed for local young learners, Oxford Reading Pen (ORP) is compatible with an array of early childhood education titles published by Oxford University Press. Oxford Reading Pen features standard British English, Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciations spoken in high-quality natural voices. When used in conjunction with our educational materials, it supports various functions such as reading aloud, storytelling, chanting and recording, which help to make language learning and phonics learning more enjoyable and effective. Both educational and entertaining, Oxford Reading Pen is also built in with a variety of interactive games that help with children’s revision and stimulate their interest in exploration and problem-solving.


【How to learn with Oxford Reading Pen】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOt7w6boSwk

List of compatible series:

1. Oxford Story Tree Level 1-3 - ORP version

- Value Pack 1 (Levels 1-3) - ORP version

- Core Stories Level 1 (6 books, CD & workbook) - ORP version

- Core Stories Level 2 (8 books, CD & workbook) - ORP version

- Core Stories Level 3 (8 books, CD & workbook) - ORP version

2. Get Set, Go! Phonics

3. Get Set, Go! Oxford English


5.《愛說普通話》(2nd edition: ORP version)

6. Oxford Children’s English-Chinese Picture Dictionary

7. Games at Home


9. Recording stickers

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