Oxford English Practice Series - Ready, Go! Grammar

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Oxford English Practice Series—Ready, Go! Grammar is a six-book grammar practice series designed according to the English Language Curriculum Guide for Primary 1–6 in Hong Kong.

• 24 units of intensive practices and tasks in context
• Grammar video in every unit explaining key grammar points
• Proofreading exercises with Common errors highlighted to strengthen grammar concepts learnt
• Additional Test Paper for comprehensive assessment



9789888777884 Ready, Go! Grammar P1  (按此試閱)
9789888777891 Ready, Go! Grammar P2  (按此試閱)
9789888777907 Ready, Go! Grammar P3  (按此試閱)
9789888777914 Ready, Go! Grammar P4  (按此試閱)
9789888777921 Ready, Go! Grammar P5  (按此試閱)
9789888777938 Ready, Go! Grammar P6  (按此試閱)


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